Karl P Renault 2 cv

Ugly as sin but CHEAP

My humble beginning in vintage / historic car vehicles began in 1963 when I was a Junior in High School. I bought a 1952 Renault 2CV. It looked like a cross between a Volkswagon and a Citroen Du Cheveaux. It had a sliding rag top that went from the front all the way from the front to the back to the rear seats…almost like a convertible.

It had a little 4 cylinder engine (with cylinder sleeves) and a 4 speed transmission. The wheels were early VW style open "star" centers and the thing had "just" enough power to get me from point A to B.

I remember it kept blowing head gaskets. I added a pair of taped racing stripes front to back which made it look even more ridiculous. BUT…for $250, it was a bargain.

One night, 4 high school Offensive Lineman picked it up and placed it on a planter box that was 5 feet high in the school parking lot. Needless to say, I walked home and had some explaining to do the next day.

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