John S 1951 3100 Pickup

There it was.

I am a truck man always liked the older Chevy's. My wife and I were driving in the mountains of NC enjoying a fun Saturday of antique stores and good food, when we rolled into this little town on our right was a car lot on a hill, and there up front was this truck. I had to go look thought this may just be the one, was it ever. This is a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 being it was a 51 and I was born in 51 sold along with it being in great shape. After going back and fourth about the price we bought it. My youngest son and I went back up there and picked it up on Monday he drove it home without any problems 2 1/2 hour drive. That was in 2006. I have since added a lot of chrome updated the running gear. It has a 1955 235 straight six in it now. The interesting fact about this whole thing is. I bought the truck in May of 2006. I was born in May 1951. Ole Blue was built in May of 1951 in Atlanta , GA just seems like we were suppose to be together I had looked a quite a few none tricked my trigger so to speak but this one. One day in the future this truck will belong to my middle grandson he just loves it like I do.

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