gerald e 1970 Lincoln Continental Mk III 2dr Coupe

The yellow jacket

The year was 1974 I was fifth teen years old, working for my uncle at his gas station in Detroit on the west side of town pumping gas, that was the year his father in law passed I believe, and the mark 3 was passed on to my uncle. I always admired the car the more I looked at it the more I love it, I was to afraid to ask him to drive it because I didn't have driver license so I love the car from a far. So after staying in business for over 30 years he close the station, Then down through the years I would see my uncle at family funeral, and gathering I would joke with him about selling me the mark, he never gave me a answer, he would just smile. Now the year is 2005, I'm at my Dad's house sitting by his bed side just thinking with my finger across my nip, then suddenly my dad ask me what's on your mind son, so I told him about his brother's car and how much I still love the car, so he said to me call him and give me the phone. So here I am at the age 45 standing listening like a six year old to them talking. My father told my uncle to give me the car and he agree, I couldn't believe my ears on what I heard, I went on to work that day thinking about it all day and night my uncle told me to pick it up the following week but, when that week came he was washing up in the bathroom and fail dead, and he didn't clear it with his wife about the car. So after thinks clam down and a few months passed I went to her and told her the agreement my Dad and her husband made but I said buy the car, because I didn't want her to think I wanted some think for nothing. So a few months passed then I got a phone call from her son, he told me that his mom want nine for the car then he hung up the phone. So I though about it and call him back, and told him I don't have nine thousand Dollars its will take me a while to get that kind of money, then he said to me no Gerald not nine thousand but nine hundred, I quickly hung up the phone and ran every red light to get to my aunts house before they change there minds they were twenty minutes away I made it in seven minutes, and the car was garage kept and only have 68,000 miles on it and it looks just like the picture.

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