Ted S

The saga of Zelda 4

In the summer of 1977 my wife, nick name Zelda, decided she wanted a new car. She specifically wanted a new Pontiac Firebird because her sister-in law had one that she liked. So I told her we would buy one only if she would buy a Trans AM. She immediately agreed and we went off to the local dealer and placed an order. We did this because she did not want the bird logo on the hood and the only way to get that was to special order the car. 10 weeks later she got her new car. By 1988

The Trans AM was getting a bit tired looking and she decided it was time for a new car. So we returned to the same dealer, who now also sold Mazdas along with Pontiacs, to pick out a new car. She picked a red Mazda RX-7 convertable out of the showroom and told me "I want that". While we were signing the purchase contract, one of the salesmen asked her if she was trading the Trans Am in and told her he would like to buy it for his girl friend. She replied that she wanted to hang onto the Trans Am for a while until she got accustomed to the manual transmission in the Mazda. By the fall of 2002 she was still not quite comfortable in the Mazda because of the transmission and the limited visibility it provided. So she continued to drive the Trans Am while the Mazda mostly sat in the garage except for weekends. At that point in our lives I really didn't think we needed a $20,000 automobile to drive on weekends so I suggested we fix up the Trans Am a little and sell the Mazda. She was all for that and we gave the Trans AM a $6,000 face lift and mechanical overhaul. Shortly after that she accepted a new job with a small cancer research company. It turned out that this company was having some problems with vandalism by some people who didn't believe in the use of laboratory animals for medical research. They occasionally would vent their frustration on employee's cars. So my wife started driving my old pickup to work and the Trans AM replaced the Mazda in the garage and on weekends. It has played that role to the present in addition to becoming a regular visitor at local car shows and special events such as being driven to our 53rd wedding anniversary dinner last week.

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