Richard B 1988 Ferrari Testarossa 2dr Coupe

The one that did not get away.

I can't emagine anyone who followed motor sports in the 70's and 80's and didn't at some point have the impossible dream of owning a ferrari testarosa. That dream only intensified when they reappeared on early television detective shows. Mine were well behind me when i attended a barret jackson auto auction a few years ago and noticed that the attendees were more intrested in the muscle cars then the high priced luxuary cars that were going for way less then value. While i did not go there with they intention of buying a ferrari i threw out a bid just for the thrill of trying and to my surprize i now own one. Two things have recently happened in my life that have made me appreciate this car even more. The first was when i was showing it at a car show and a very attractive lady who was admiring the car confided in me that she had always wanted to just lay across the seats in a testarosa naked and enjoy a secret pleasure. She went on to say that she had not had enough drinks to do it at the moment and headed back into the bar ,while she never returned, this just added another fantasy of owning the car

The second most important thing i have learned is that while people buy ferrari's because of the power and high speed it is more fun to drive slow so everyone can see who is inside.

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