Dave H 1969 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe

The car that started it all! 69' Mustang -My First Car

One day riding my bike home from Northgate high school in Walnut Creek, California. 1979. I had started working and saving for my first car. I wanted a Mustang and had about $500 saved so far. There it was parked, a beautiful Blue 69 coupe with a for sale sign on it. Blue with a white vinyl top.The hood had the most awesome hood scoop that had small turn signal lights at the rear. I stopped and ran to the door and asked to see it. By that time I was already head over heels in mustang trivia. I even surprised the current owner by pointing out all of the optional equipment it had.

Asking price was $1700. The car only had 68,000 miles. It was well equipped with the 302 V8, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Automatic transmission, Air Conditioning and the Tilt Away steering and Rim Blow horn. I thanked him and said I would be back with my Dad that evening. It seemed like it took forever for him to come home.

I shared my excitement about the car and the amazing condition that it was in. My Dad looked interested. Then I overheard my Ma tell my Dad in the other room "It is good that you show that you are interested in his car search, but he does NOT need a car right now". That was depressing, but I still wanted to show the car to my Dad. We drove there and met the owner. I took over at that point and pointed out all of its features and how well it was cared for by the present owner totally forgetting what my Ma had told him. He agreed that the car was very nice and in amazing condition. My Dad surprised me and went into negotiator mode. My heart began to race! We bought the car for $1450!

We then returned home and I noticed my Dad quickly walk though the kitchen where my Ma was sitting at the table. She acted all interested in the car. "Tell me all about it, is it cool?" She didn't know I overheard her. I told her about it and then told her that they were asking $1700 and Dad negotiated $1450! She stood up and yelled JOE! My Dad came into the kitchen and explained how awesome the car was and we then set up a payment plan. They gave me a loan for the balance and every paycheck I made payments until it was paid in full.

That taught me the responsibility of paying your debts. It also taught me the importance of supporting your kids.

Having my Dad go with me and get the car meant the world to me. I drove that car through high school and had it seven years. I sold that car for $1750

Thanks Dad!

That was eight mustangs ago and I now have a 67 Shelby GT-350 and a 55 Nomad

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    John Lincoln Vermont April 16, 2014 at 14:55
    I never had a Mustang, but I wanted one ever since my Mom traded her 64 Lincoln on a brand new 65 Mustang coupe in 65. I was just a year from getting my drivers liscense and eventually took the exam in that car and passed. It was just a 200ci 6 cyl, black with red interior and she had the dealer install air conditioning, which, with the 6cyl and the auto trans, didn't leave lot's of get up and go. But on that 100 degree August day in 1966, the examiner got into that car with me and said "ahhhh"....im sure it put him in a good mood and will never forget that moment. Fast forward to 1977, and my Mom tells me she has teaded the Mustang for another Lincoln. I was agast! I said, Mom I told you to let me know when you were going to trade the Mustang and give me a chance to buy it first! She said she forgot. How much did you get for it? $500.00. It was a Pennsylvania car never driven in the snow, and garaged its whole life. The interior, looked like most Mothers cars usually do, spotless. It may, as I remember, have needed a bit of exterior cosmetic work, maybe even a repaint. It had been dealer maintained since the day she purchased it, and she kept all the receipts. Oh well, the dealer stole it and I'm sure they knew it. So, around 1987, she calls me to tell me that she's going to trade the Lincoln, and do I want it? It's a 2 door Continental coupe, silver with burgundy leather, a Cartier edition and also a bi-centennial edition. Of course, I said yes. She bought her new Lincoln, and drove the 76 from Pa. to Vermont with my Grandmother for a visit. When they were ready to leave she told me that I needed to drive them to the Burlington airport. I asked why. She said that she was giving me the Lincoln because she was sure that given what the dealer had offered on trade, that it would end up in the hands of some big city gangbanger and she didn't want that to happen. It's currently in my garage under a cover, but hasn't been driven on 10 years. That's my Mustang story! John
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    Jason Lillington NC April 18, 2014 at 10:38
    My brother is 7 years older then i and I fondly remember his return from his service in the army and having spent 19 months in Nam. He had banked his checks all the while he was over seas , so upon his release and return from overseas he had saved nearly all of his 19 months salary. SO he wanted a car and he set out one day to find one and he came home with a light blue metallic 2dr coupe mustang . It was a used 1967 but it had low miles and he had enough to pay cash for it. Well we lived in upstate NY at that time and it was still winter time. After having his pride and joy for about a week he was headed to town , It was snowing and the wind was blowing at a pretty good clip and my brother ended up running right into a stopped garbage truck in a white out! This collision destroyed the front sheetmetal radiator etc! He didn't have any collision coverage! He had the longest face of any one That I had ever seen before. I was 15 at the time and had just been selected to atten BOCES and auto body repair was the course that I selected! Long story short I ended up rebuiding the Mustang. And did my brother ever try to kill this little car! It was a 289 v8 with a 2 barrel carberator and automatice on the floor! It was quick! Stop light to stop light not many cars could beat it. My brother abused this little car. Trabsmission was blown twice before I switched the car to a 4 speed! Then he decided he need a posi rear end and we found one and installed it. I think the gear ratio was 3:25, It was perfect for this car! Top speed was over 120 mph and it was a holy terror from the drop of the throttle! This poor little car was wrecked and broken more times than I car remember! That 289 never failed never used oil and always started! As my brothers pit crew man I was allowed to have a key and able to drive it when he wasn't abusing it! Personally I grew to love that little car! It was quick! It rode great and it showed up many so called hot cars! Those that tried and lost would not believe that the engine was stock! But it was! My Brother ended up wrecking it a final time and traded it for a station wagon. SOme fool parted it out to use the engine in a dirt stock car! I have a lot of fond memories about that little car and some not so fond moments when my brother had managed to break some part of it or wrecked it again! I believe I had rebuilt it at least 5 times after an accident of some sort! Thanks for sharing my memories of a great little car!

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