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The car that got away and then found again

I have a 1955 Buick Century 66R I bought in San Diego in 1965 while in the Navy. In 1966, the ship I was stationed on, the USS Chicago CG-11, was being deployed to Vietnam. I decided to drive the Buick back home to Salt Lake City, Utah and store it at my parent’s house.

The car lost its rear end in Las Vegas, I stopped and replaced it before continuing on the journey down I-15 (quite a chore to do by yourself). The rear end was not the end of the cars problems because just south of Scipio, UT the engine seized. I was left with little options so I sold the car to a local auto salvage yard for $15.

I got out of the Navy in 1968 but never forgot the 1955 Buick. On a whim, I drove back to the same scrap yard I sold the car to in 1966 and there sat my car. I bought the car back for $50 (not a bad storage fee for eight years) took it home and fixed it up to a point where I could drive it again.

In 1980, I did a full restoration on the car. The car is in its original factory colors, paint code BML. The top is Dover White, the midsection is Willow Green, and the bottom is Belfast Green Metallic.

I still have the car today, there is no way I could ever part with it.

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    Ronald McDavid Cantonment, Fl. July 14, 2014 at 15:42
    I love that story and changing that rear end by your self I'm sure was a chore.You are a trooper!

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