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The car my wife wanted to have taken to the junk yard

Well back in 1992 my brother heard me say that I was trying to trade my 1985 Corvette for a 1969 Z/28, he found a 1969 Z/28 for sale and told me to go take a look and to please not to trade my Corvette. I did in fact purchase the Z/28 in 1992 for $10,000.00, it was in pretty bad shape but it was in fact a real Z/28 with the matching numbers engine. I started to purchase parts until my sons started to drive and that is when it came to a halt. For the next 16 years it sat at a friends house waiting for body work that never got started, in the mean time I went through a divorce and of course my ex-wife tried to get the car from me. I was able to keep my prized Z/28 but, it was really showing it's age, I had the original DZ 302 rebuilt and there it sat. I got re-married in 2003 and told my wife about this "OLD" Camaro Z/28 that I was wanting to re-build. I told her that I was ready to start and that my brother had a friend at a local paint and body shop that could do a good job so, I went and had the car taken to Discount Paint and Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So now the story gets interesting, I took my wife to go see my project and when she saw it she had a strange look on her face but, didn't say much until we got back in my truck to which she said " if I would have seen the car before you showed to me I would have paid someone to take it to a junk yard. So from 2006 to 2012 I spent time with the car at the paint shop and replacing the floor and removing the sub-frame and completely cleaning and painting everything that I could take off the car. Now here we are in 2011 and the prized Z/28 is just about complete when my hip needed to be replaced so I needed time to stop and get back on my feet until my left knee went out and had to be replaced, I thought all was well until You guessed it my right knee had to be replaced so, for 2 years I would go into the garage and just stare or do little things that I was able to do. I completed the frame off restoration in 2013 just in time for the Super Nationals car show in New Mexico. I took my pride and joy to the show and took first in the muscle car class and best concourse restoration. This car took time and patients from my wonderful wife and family and friends. I am a retired firefighter so any time I needed help the firefighters and other friends and family were there to help. My car is as follows 1969 Z/28 Garnet red with white stripes, white interior, DZ 302, m-21 transmission and, 12 bolt posi with 3:55 gears. She drives like a new car except with the rough ride and noisy exhaust and, AM radio, we have a blast just going for rides and getting the thumbs up from everyone from old timers like me to younger people who like the look of my OLD car. Let's keep up the hobby and keep driving those old cars they take us back to when we thought we were in charge of everything in the world LOL . Take care and keep driving the oldies. /// Victor

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