Clayton M 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

The beginning of a dream

At the age of 13 , I was ridding back home on the freeway with my dad , in his 1964 1/2 Mustang We were traveling at 65 mi hr when a car came up next to us on the drivers side , I could just see the top of the car and the driver he look at my dad ,and motion with his fingers as to say you want to race . My dad look at him and smile then shook his head to say no ,at that moment the other driver smiled and did a burn out at 65 mi hr . I look at my dad , what the heck was that he answer only to letters A C at that moment I was hook line and sinker on A C Cobras and mustangs . Later I owned A 1966 mustang fastback ,for about 5yrs . I owned a lot of muscle cars over the years , but I steal had a passion for the A C Cobra , and the Mustang . Like most People I couldn't afford the A C so when this 1966 Mustang came around 3yrs ago I jump on it , And guess what I feel like I did when I was 13.

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