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While working as a manager of a Lincoln/Mercury dealership I took in a trade of a 1967 GTA fastback on the purchase of a new Merc.The owner of the dealership was reviewing the deals with me from the previous day and questioned why I had allowed $1200. for he Mustang on trade. He said he had looked at the car and "we don't accept project cars for trade". I explained that quite justified in my decision and to back that up I wrote a check for $100 more than the trade allowance of $1200. The dealer accepted that and said you are an owner.Boy, he didn't realize how happy he made me because i always had a project vehicle at home much to my wife's dismay at times.

When driving the Mustang home it was blowing flames out the exhaust at times and was extremely loud. I decided,having the next day off work that I would take the car to the muffler shop bright and early. We lived in close proximity to a private country club and when i fired the car up the next morning i had the local police stopping me within three blocks.I explained this was a new aquisition and i was headed to the muffler shop. no surprise the officer told me he would follow me all the way!!Shortly I removed the engine,took it to he machine shop for a total rebuild. Now I was really proud of this car. My mother had viewed the Mustang all apart in the garage and said I would never get it back together. So after a couple months i drove to her home about 70 miles away and she was surprised and said she would never doubt me again. Other things entered my life such as a boat and fishing with the guys off Catalina every other weekend,kids growing etc. so the mustang got stored in the garage for about 20 years.I have owned it for 34 years. Fast forward we moved from SoCal to NorCal and I trailered the Mustang

up state. One day my wife said if you are not going to finish that Mustang, you don't drive it sel it and get it out of here.That all it took, the engine which had been removed with a blown head gasket had been gone through was bound to a pallet and in the back of my truck for over a year was installed. car was repainted and have enjoyed driving and showing it since.I am proud to say it has earned over 44 trophies and plaques. I never tire cleaning it because you" NEVER GET CAUGHT DRIVING A DIRTY CAR"

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