Timothy W 1953 Oldsmobile Super 88 4dr Sedan

The Baby Blue Hustle with a Bustle

You know she rumbled to life as I turned the key;

A high idle, then a growl, satisfaction to me.

I kicked down the choke as she started to warm.

I gave her some gas and the dust just swarmed.

Just thinking about how far and how fast

She' go in overdrive, as I stepped on the gas.

Adrenaline ran through me as she began to soar.

Pulled down the lever, and her small block roared.

Her tires churning into soft melting rubber

Smoke wafted around me and I know why I love her.

I was thrown back as she screeched' for more road,

I punched it again. and I'm in 1950s drag mode......

Now back to reality in my '53 Olds Super 88

(The extra gear to pass those slow out the gate)

And realize how long it is to have to wait,

... 'til I'm alone again with my Rocket 88!

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