B L 1970 Buick GS 455 2dr Convertible

Teaching the young

Hard to pick a story for something like this but since kids always bring a smile to your face I chose the following:

I have put my two girls in my old muscle cars for a Saturday/Sunday drive since they were itty-bitty. With the top down on a fine day, the little gals with their pink heart sunglasses eyeballing the country side, as thier hair blows to and fro.

The girls mom dragged my oldest (then about 5) to an estate sale. ambling through all the junk my daughter all the sudden lights up and says "Mommie, can I get this 8-track for daddy's car?" To which she replies "Sure". As my daughter runs off to locate more treasures a man watching this exchange approches my now ex and says, "Excuse me, my son is out of college and has no idea what an 8-track is. How in Gods name does that little girl know?"

Can you imagine what this guy was thinking watching that exchange? Hysterical.

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