Rick O 1971 Volkswagen Beetle 2dr Convertible

Sometimes a Car is More Than a Car

My wife and I were married in 1970. We only courted for a couple of months before we got married. At that time I was driving a 1969 442. (I sure wish that still had that car). My wife had always said that her dream car was a yellow XKE Convertible. Obviously that was out of my price range. We had been married for six months when I went out one Saturday and found my beautiful 442 on blocks with the tires and wheels gone. This was the third time that something like this had happened to that car. I was frustrated, and on my way home from work on Monday I decided to stop by the VW dealership in Des Plaines, IL and see what they had. There I found in the middle of the showroom a really neat yellow 1971 Beetle convertible. On a whim I purchased the car. I headed home excited to tell my wife about our new purchase. While it wasn't an XKE, it was yellow and it was a convertible. I entered our apartment with anticipation of her joy for our new vehicle. Her response when I told her of my purchase was "You bought a car without talking to me!" It was at that moment that I realized that being married was different from being single. It is now 43 years later and we are still married and we still have the VW. I tell people that I keep it around to remind me that married life is different from single life. the car has been through a fair amount of restoration. We lived in the Midwest until 1984 and the car suffered from the ice on the roads. We now live in the South, and while the car is looking good, there is much that could be done to it. I plan to make this vehicle my project when I finally retire in a couple of years.

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