Pat C 1985 Buick Riviera 2dr Coupe

Reliving my dream car I had in my youth

What 21 year old goes to dealer lots at night and dream of having a luxury American car? I did that often for 3 years, analyzing certain models; lines, interior features and wheels.I knew I was destined to have a better car than my new grocery getter. The time period was 1986 to 1989, this was the last period when the big 3 and Ford had diverse models. I gravitated to the Monte Carlos LS, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Lincoln Marks and Town car, Mercury Cougars, even the downsized Buick LeSabres and Park Avenues. Then one night I wandered over to Buick's used lot and found the one! A 1985 Buick Riviera, with 3800 miles & in my reach financially. It had everything I 'needed' and was even more stylish than all the others I analyzed. I bought it the next afternoon,

I drove to my wedding in My 1985 Riviera in 1990. Then things took a turn for the worse for my beloved ride. She hated it, refused to drive it and said the doors were too heavy. Before long I was looking to trade it in and located a 1985 Lincoln Continental that had 4 doors. It was stylish too with the bustle back, but mighty expensive to maintain. So I sold it and went back to Buick for a 1985 LeSabre Collector's Ed. Sold that one in 1999 and picked up a 1996 Ultra. The Ultra was nice but the styling was generic of the day, over-sized jellybean. I missed my old Riviera.

In 2002 I started looking for a 1985 Riviera. The search on eBay was long for an 18 year old survivor. Having one in the past I knew just what to look for. I was picky. Low and behold, one appeared for sale in Georgia (I live in AZ). The car was near mint, a few things needed fixing; leveling system, antenna and opera lamps & the wheels had to go! Important to me was the dash condition, interior not faded, paint okay & mint landau roof. So, with cashiers check in hand I flew to Atlanta. The seller had it maintained for cross country travel. I handed over the cashiers check & was on my way. First stop Virginia to see my sister & get the A/C repaired. Then I embarked on the 2200 mile trip back home. It was heaven. I received a lot of nice compliments along the way and I arrived safely with no issues. Right way I switch out the wheel & got period correct whitewalls. I also replaced the power antenna. Last July marked 10 yrs of ownership. It is the longest car I have ever owned. I still get a lot of compliments & many offers to buy. But I won't make the same mistake I made in 1991. Life is grand.

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