NORMAN H 1941 Buick Special Model 46-S 2dr Sedanet


i got married in 1955 in Yuma Az. Our car was a 1941 Buick special which I purchased for forty dollars. It was very hot there in September and on the way back I purchased some dry ice and put it under the dash and opened the vent a little and it worked just great, made it to San Diego where the weather was cool.

I attended an auction in Modesto Ca. and the 3rd car upt was a 1941 Buick sedanet, this brought back memories of my honeymoon in my first Buick so I purchased it. The cost this time was four thousand.after overhauling the motor, Drove it around awhile and sold it on E-bay to a gentleman in Germany.My wife is still with me after 59 years, we divorced but got back together.

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