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Nothing drives better

Ever since I got my drivers license in 1976 I owned and drove nothing but classics. My first vehicle was a 1953 Ford F100 as was my second. I have owned several classics such as several VW Squarebacks, VW Bugs, 1965 Plymouth Satellite, 1967 Sunbeam Alpine, 1927 Ford Model T high top coupe hot rod, 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente, 1963 Ford Falcon and a few others.

Most of my dates have been in these vehicles and a few of those also included back seat action.

I drive and own classics because these are cars you drive and park yourself. They are much cheaper to own, repair yourself and insure. They also hold their value much more than any new vehicle does. I believe that when it comes to the classics people know how to drive unlike with the new cars of today. Just ask yourself to think back when your first started noticing people running red lights on a regular bases or cut you off just to get one more vehicle ahead. Anyone with a classic is much more courteous. Besides who doesn't like getting all the looks as you drive down the street or talking to people at gas stations who reminisce about their cars they drove as a kid. Todays vehicles may be more efficient in some ways like better gas mileage, but who cares! A classic is just pure fun driving experience! My youngest classic is a 1973, and my newest vehicle for daily driving is a 1999 which is not a classic, but still old enough that I drive it instead of it doing the driving.

Kids today think they have to have a new BMW or the like to get the females. I have had more female attention due to my classics than any new vehicle would get me. I'm 53 years old and not afraid to say that young teenage girls have commented on my rides as well as woman my own age.

My mothers car had to have some repairs and she needed to barrow one of mine to get to work. I lent her my 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. She pulled into the parking lot at work only to have all the guys she worked with gather to look at it. They asked her if it was hers. She said of course, my son built it for me. Then she had to run inside to call me to ask a few details so she could talk like it was really hers. She got such a kick out of that. She still enjoys going for a ride in one of my classics and always will.

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