John P 1958 MG MGA 2dr Roadster

No windows and no door handles, that was so cool!

The year was 1960 and I was 14 years old. We were having dinner with some of my fathers friends at their house. We needed some groceries so the man of the house asked me if I wanted to go with him to get what we needed. I said sure and we went to his garage and there was this little red sports car and I noticed that it did not have any door handles or windows. I just thought that was so cool! What a great experience for a young boy to tool around in California in a open topped red sports car. While we were going to the store a young boy ran out from in front of a parked car and right smack into my door. Luckily he was not injured and I never forgot that ride. In 1997 I was getting close to retirement and knew I had to have something to occupy my days so I decided to try to restore a car. I started looking for one of those great looking little red cars that I rode in 37 years earlier. I found a 1962 MGA that needed restoration so I decided to give a try. I did everything on that car except the final color painting. I had never done any body work, never rebuilt an engine or transmission but being a Mechanical Engineer I figured that if someone built the car I should be able to do the same. Since then I have done complete body off restorations of a 1954 MGTF, a 1958 MGA roadster, a 1960 MGA coupe, a 1964 Austin Healey 3000 model BJ8 and I am now in the middle of restoring a 1960 Triumph TR 3A. These are all mine so obviously I like the British sports cars. They are small, not terribly expensive to restore and a blast to drive. We have a great local British Car club and go on many drives through out the summer. I always think back at that experience and try to give youngsters a ride as often as possible. Maybe just maybe it will be something they will remember in the future.I just wish I had started this hobby earlier in life!

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