Jon S 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS 2dr Convertible

Never in my dreams

My wife ,Jill, and I had been married for a year and we had a Tempest convertible and we decided to buy a new car. It was late June and we when to the Chevrolet dealer a couple of towns over from us and he had two cars left that I really wanted. One was a 'vette and the other was the Camaro. Needless to say, the 'vette was not my wife's idea of a family car --- we had no children at the time but were planning for the future. So, we buy the Camaro. It was a daily driver for 12 years. I had some engine issues and it would not pass inspection so I stored it in the garage and we got another car for me -- my wife had her own car. The Camaro just sat in the garage until the spring of 2004. I had some thought about selling but just could never pull the trigger and do it. My wife asked me, " what are you going to do about the Camaro." My reply was that I wanted to restore it and waited for the answer of "are you kidding." To my complete surprise she said 'OK".

Well the car had not been started in years so I called one of my friends who had a '68 Camaro and asked him for some help and he came right over. We got the car started after replacing the starter engine and prepping the engine. The noise and smoke was unbelievable. My garage was filled with smoke, neighbors came out of their homes to see what the noise was and where the smoke was coming from. Many couldn't believe we got the car started. After replacing the tires I had it towed to get the engine rebuild ( cost almost as much as the car cost new), as the engine was being rebuild we towed the body to an auto body repair shop that specialized in classic cars. I do not mind saying that it took me weeks to find the right place. Slowly the car began to come back together, the owner of the shop told me I could come by any time to see the progress and they would be taking pictures as they would keep a record of the work. After nine weeks the body was ready and we dropped the engine in. There was still much work to do --- new custom exhaust, new carburation system, wheels and tires, electric system, replaced the radio and added a CD player, replaced front and back windshields, had the bumpers redone and so much more I have lost track. I have all the paper work. I have the original license plates, the owners manual, the build sheet and much more to show the history of the car. It has 94,356 miles and runs great.

I really enjoy taking it on cruises with friends and find it hard to believe the car will be

45 years old this May ( the month it was built). It does draw looks because of the sound and the color and of course young kids want to know if it is for sale --- you can guess what my answer is. That's my story and thanks for letting me share it here.

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