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Growing up around cars (My father was an automotive machinest) You know, rebuilding engines and such, I was always around race cars and classics. The ones that really caught my eye for some reason were the Corvettes. By the time I turned 13 the 63 Splitwindow had just came out! Wow, this looks like a car of the future. A 13 year old could hardly believe what he was seeing. Well I vowed someday to own one. Well fast forward a few years to me getting my license. My first car was close in name but certainly not my dream car. A 1961 Corvair. However this car was shortlived as on the way home from work a few months later, a State Trooper pulled out at a T intersection from a stop sign right in front of me and the Corvair was history. I was on the main road so it was no question as to who was at fault. Or so I thought!! That night the Troopers Sargaet came out and tried to give me a ticket for the accident, claiming the Trooper swung wide to miss me and I turned in the same direction, even though the front wheels on my car were turned to the right which meant I tried to get to the ditch on my side of the road!! Perfect time to bug Dad for a Corvette, Right? Well I ended up with a 62 Fairlane. After a few months replaced the 6 cyl. with a hopped up 289. Nice fun car to drive but nothing like my dream. On my 19th Birthday a few months later Dad surprized me with a 1961 Corvette! Said I had to pay him back for the car as the tool set was my present (never did find them again-must have placed them on the car and in the excitement drove off and never recovered them!. That was in 1969! I am now on my 10th Corvette as I have had one almost ever sinse! My present one which I have had for over 20 years now is a 63 Splitwindow and I will let you guess as to why that is!!

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