Carl C

My Classic 1969 Dodge Charger R/T HEMI

I bought this car in 1976 from a friend of my brother. Had intentions of restoring it back then but, "life" got in the way. Poor Charger had to sit in my garage until 2008 before I was able to gather enough money yo properly restore it.

This is a "rotisserie" restoration that took 5 years to complete as, in the middle of the restoration, I had a stroke and was no longer able to contribute much work, just money and, believe me, I was bleeding money for it as MOPARS can be very expensive to restore! This was all done at my friend and co-worker's home and could be considered a "garage" build.

The numbers-matching motor was professionally rebuilt with all new rocker arms, SS valves, hardened valve seats, custom one-off hydraulic roller cam and complete kit from Comp Cams, Manley rods, custom JE pistons ARP bolts, etc. and dynode at 588hp @ 6500rpms.

The paint is single-stage acrylic as the factory used, etc. and it is a snarly beast!!

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