Dave L 1969 Pontiac GTO 2dr Coupe

Mom told me "you can buy any car you want"

It was 1977, I was in Try County Vocational High School. To be accepted I was required to take my sophomore year over again. I did agree to the terms but I ended up in drafting class, not my first choice, a year later the Automotive Technology shop teacher, Mr. Gene Michaud offered me an open position in the shop, I was in my Junior year, without hesitation I accepted.

All of the guys in the automotive Technology shop were great to me and I became friends with them all very quickly. Bernie Ashley and John Luongo were into GTO's, and in short time I was too. I ask my Mom if I could get a car and she said "you can buy any car you want". I purchase a 1969 hardtop, RAIV, 4 speed, options were AM radio, rally gauges, dash tach and hideaway headlights. I had the car towed home, my first of many as you can see in the attached picture ( my GTO is the one in the driveway). My Mom took it well, she told me years later she allowed all the cars because she knew I would tow them home always (she was right) and she knew where I was all the time, that's a helicopter Mom for you.

I got the GTO mechanically running, doing the usual's, brakes, clutch, tune up etc. In the fall of 1978 I had purchased many OEM part from Norminden Chevrolet/ Pontiac in Woonsocket RI. To think, we could order full OEM quarter panels for $192.00 dollars, Valance panels, trim parts almost anything we wanted. I soon sent it off to a local body shop to be painted a 1973 GM Midnight Blue (see the other picture attached)

I did sell the car in 1986 for all the wrong reasons and regret it ever since. Did someone say "did you ever look for the car?" Well, I didn't have too, you see the kid I sold the car to totaled it three weeks later, what was I thinking, I look at pictures of that car and it haunts me to this day, to think I sold it and now it's gone, wow. Fear not my friends, for some day I will purchase another 1969 Hardtop, 4 speed with hideaway headlights, someday.

Today, I drive a 1972 Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible, matching numbers, 19 factory options including, 400cid, Auto, PS/PB, Duel exhaust, AM/FM, Rally II's, Sport Steering Wheel, Endura Styling Option, Rally Gauges/Clock and more. As we know Pontiac did not code the Judge or Convertible GTO in 1972 but the person who order this vehicle sure wanted one like it.

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