Ken L 1969 Chevrolet Caprice 2dr Coupe

Memories of the Past

This 1969 Caprice became a member of the family in 1980. My father owned a body shop in NC, and during a visit to a local small country salvage one Saturday, we came across a 1969 Caprice coupe that only had 53,000 miles. The yard owner had purchased it at an auction as it had a bent fender. My dad purchased the car for $500 and we proceeded home with it. He and I worked on the car, replacing the fender and repainting the car as it was to be used as a family car. I always loved the lines of the car. A few months after it was painted, white paint flaked off a sign and baked onto the finish in the summer heat. My dad became frustrated and parked the car in a barn with 59,500 miles on it. For years, I told my mom and dad not to sell the car, as I wanted first dibs at it. My dad passed away in 2005 and in 2006 my mom told me that if I wanted the car, to come get it. 10 months later, it was back on the road and after some color sanding and buffing, it still wears the same black paint applied in 1981 as well as the 1981 NC inspection sticker. To date, it only has 60,500 miles on it. I thought of my dad often as I brought the car back to life, recalling the work that we had performed on the car 25 years earlier. The best day was taking my mom for a ride in it. It will remain in the family as it has be adopted by the next generation.

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    Mike S NC July 13, 2014 at 10:19
    Nice Story. Enjoy your car. I had one of these also and I too love the lines on these cars.

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