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MG, Mom & Me

Nature or nurture? For my love of convertible classics, it's got to be both.

My mom picked up a red 1972 MGB when I was about 12. That was when and I how I first learned to drive. Cruising the school parking lot without power steering or breaks and having to learn how to shift. Not knowing any different, wow was that a great way to learn how to drive. (And at the time, I didn't even appreciate that 72 was the last year of the chrome bumper.) Thanks, Mom!

My mom let me drive her MG to school during high school, and then off to college. That was back in the day where you didn't have to wear a seat belt and authorities really didn't mind that I sometimes packed 10 crazy kids into the car, seated across the back as we cruised hot summer nights. Thanks, Mom!

Fast forward a couple decades, and the red MG has gone to classic car heaven. But I did find a nice yellow 1972 MGB in the area that I got for my mom and I to recapture those good old days of MG fun -- and gorgeous chrome. It was for her birthday, to say once again: Thanks, Mom!

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    Dave Anoka, MN February 17, 2014 at 15:44
    Actually, '73 was the last full year of the chrome bumper MGB's. In the first half of 1974 they still made the chrome bumper G's and changed over mid year of 1974. Sometimes you hear of '741/2 G's. I own a 1973 Chrome bumper MGB and have owned it since January 2002. Fun Car to own and drive.
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    less eslick United States February 19, 2014 at 02:17
    had 1970 mg with split bumper and elc. over drive loved driving that car lots of fond memorys

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