Christopher M 1969 Mercury Cougar 2dr Convertible

Lost Cat

This is about a lost cat. (Cougar)...I say that because I have fond memories of driving the first car I ever owned in the Palouse during my college years at Washington State University. A 1969 Mercury Cougar hardtop that my aunt had bought new off the lot in 1969, and then gave it to me for transportation to and from college in 1983. There were 167,000 miles on the odometer when I got it, but the original 351 Windsor V8 still ran strong. It had the original Medium Gold Poly paint job; faded of course over the years to a cruddy brown. It also had several dents in the bumpers, pings in the windshield, and a crushed right front fender. I drove it through school, repairing whatever broke on it, and kept it running until after I graduated and got a job. Once I had the funds, I started to restore it to it's original glory. After a year, I made the worst decision I could have made. I sold it for a newer car. My friends STILL make fun of me to this day...

Fast forward to today. I got married, had two boys and life had gotten very busy. I always had the idea of getting another Cougar in the back of my mind. Surfed the internet and repeatedly sent links to my wife of Cougars for sale. " your pennies" was always the response. Finally, my best friend sent me a link of a Cougar convertible for sale in West Seattle on Easter...I forwarded the link to my wife and the response was "go look at it"... Long story short I wound up buying it. I was very happy with my new toy, but the thought of my old cat nagged at me. I got on Classic Cougar forums, posted a "lost cat" with the VIN and waited. Sadly, I found out two weeks later from the keeper of the Cougar database, that my old cat had been parted out in Vancouver WA, May of 2012. The very same month I bought my convertible. All her parts and pieces that were salvageable were gone. Made me sad, since it would have been nice to have that car as a family heirloom, starting with my aunt, down to me, then down to my boys. Guess the one I have now will work. I love driving her in the summer months and always get nods and honks from passers by and fellow classic drivers.


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    Chris Northern Michigan February 20, 2014 at 10:31
    I purchased a 1972 Cougar convertable from my Dad's estate as he passed in 2007. His first collector car of 24 cars and special in my heart. 351 CJ with 62,000 miles, beutiful ride as with your cat!!

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