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Living The Car Life

You could say I was born with gasoline in my veins and a wrench in my hand. I grew up in the “Car Business”. My grandfather worked at Packard Motor Car Company, My father, a Tool and Die maker with Chrysler, an uncle at Cadillac, and yet another uncle in the Chrysler Design office. When the family got together at holiday dinners the discussion wasn’t about sports it was about cars!

Over the past 3 decades I have been able to live out my automotive dreams working for Detroit’s largest automobile advertising agencies on the Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler accounts. Additionally, meeting my automotive heroes, Racing legends Carroll Shelby, Jackie Stuart, TV “Car Crazy” host, Barry Meguiar, Auburn/Cord/Duesenburg designer, Gordon Buerhig, renown Car Spy Photographer Jim Dunne, Car Customizers’ George Barris and Gene Winfield and attending events like the Barrett-Jackson auctions and the Meadowbrook Concours among others.

I have written articles and taken photographs which have appeared in magazines, newspapers, books by other authors and various websites. When I'm not 'working,' I enjoy driving my Torch Red C5 Corvette and playing with my vintage 50’s Chevy and Ford pickup trucks, I’m happiest when a project is underway in my garage because Classic Cars/Trucks are great therapy.

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