Joe M

Keeping it in the family

This was my wife's aunt's car and she bought the car as a graduation present to herself when she graduated with her Doctorate. She kept the car till she passed away a few years ago. My wife's mom took a week to review her sister's estate; she came by our home to visit us and our new born son. We went out to dinner and during our conversation, my wife's mom asked us if there is anything she wanted from the estate. To my surprise and without skipping a beat, my wife said she wanted the Benz. At the time, I had bought a rust bucket of a 68 GTO convertible online from a junk yard that needed way more restoration work than I was capable and able ($) of doing. With a new born and bills to pay, I knew the GTO project had to go or it would be shelved for many years. So we sold the GTO and now my son is eight and we are enjoying this family heirloom.

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