Richard K 57Chevy belair 350 FI

Just like the one I had

One Sunday morning last year I said to my wife, "If I could find a nice clean 57 Chevy like my first car, that I would quit bringing home old these old cars. "She said," In the last thirty five years you have said that a hundred times". Later in the day, I got a phone call from a number I didn't know. The guy on the line said "Your the winner ."I said ,"The winner of what? "The restored 57 Chevy he said." I screamed, my wife thought I had a heart.

I got the car home and drove it around, and to a few car shows. When someone asked me about things on the car,I didn't know anything except what I saw. It was kind of weird. Every other car I ever had I did most of the work on.

The body and paint on this car was flawless, so I couldn't park it anywhere out of sight for fear of it getting damaged.

I drove it less and less. Finally someone offered me the right price and I sold it.I guess there is a difference between being 16 and 66.

Now I'm building a 65 Nova to drive anywhere ,any time. It may not be as perfect as the 57,but it is more fun to build them and drive them.

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