Richard S 1941 Plymouth P11 Deluxe 2dr Business Coupe

Just a kid in the jump seat riding to the store

Almost 60 years ago, I was just a little guy, riding in the jump seat in a 1941 Plymouth Coupe . I could barely see over the front seats to see my dad, and his friend ( who was driving ) as they made their way to the store.... Mostly , I had a view of the big steering wheel, and a peek out over that pointy hood . I could hear the thump of the clutch pedal rebounding off the floor boards with each shift of the three speed stick on the column, and the flat drone of that old flat head six.

I've owned many muscle cars; a GTO, a 396 Camaro, two Mustang Cobras,and a few sports cars in between. But, I was always on the look out for an old hot rod to make my own in a 1960s kind of way. When I saw this Plymouth sitting at a show here locally for sale, I had to get in, and sit down on that old bench seat... The memories of riding in that old car came back to me, looking out that pointy hood. The owner said, "Start it 're gonna have to give it some choke." Then that 350 Corvette motor came alive with a puff of blue smoke ( worn guides, and seals )...and I had to have it. It was different, funky, and reminded me of a 1960s Gasser with a blown 394" Olds sitting under that hood. I had to have it. The price was right. It needed lots of TLC, and repair just to get it running right, and safe. Now, I get smiles everywhere I go......( from the friendly folks ). I think it reminds those that lived those 1950s and 1960s years, of how much simpler , and less rushed life used to be.... And, I had to own a car that was actually OLDER " than me !! A dream come true...from building model cars, like this Plymouth, to actually driving some 73 year old steel down the road.......Awesome !!

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    Harold Fisher Crossville Tn March 9, 2014 at 08:08
    Nice car, love your story. I had an Opera Coupe(jump seats in rear) in High School and sold it after getting married.(kicked myself ever since for selling it). Move ahead many years I now own two Business Coupes, one a hotrod and the other stock. These will stay until I am pushing up daisies. After my wife (High School Sweetheart) tires of them they will go to whichever Grandchild or grandchildren are caraholics. I just may have to pick up some more of them.
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    Rich Arizona August 16, 2014 at 13:16
    Thanks, Harold.........These old Mopars are built very well. I'll bet you have fun driving your two beauties. I have just installed a 383 Chevy with World Sportsman heads, and all Howards forged roller assembly ...all USA steel !! It has a new power T-Bird rack replacing the old Mustang II setup. I also installed Chevy Malibu front 11 inch discs ..Next is an A/C recharge, and a front end alignment. Installing a new Saginaw pump as we speak !!.....Keep the love alive !! Rich

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