Jerry B 1963 Mercury Comet Custom 4dr Sedan

It just brings more peace into my life.

I'm pretty sure no one feels the way I do about my 63 Comet. It isn't on the top 10 list of best cars to restore, but there is something about it that makes me happy and I go back to the 60's when I drive it. I just feels comfortable, like you finally found that place where you are supposed to be.

This one is just like the one I had in the '60's. It was my first car and I loved it. Last January I found it in Peebles Ohio. I had to part with mine because of major engine problems and a family move to Florida in 1969. A 17 year old, young lady had it and was driving it from time to time. I think her biggest qualification for me buying it from her, was that I would take good care of it, or Bert, as she called it.

I'm not great at mechanic's but back in the day you didn't have to be. They are so simple to work on. It is a work in progress and may always be, but I love the time I spend bringing it back, and the occasional trip to Starbucks or the grocery store. I've done most of the mechanical stuff but now have the body work and paint on the outside and all the upholstery inside. It will never be a "show" car, because I want a Driver, and not one kept under wraps.

One of the things I love about "car people" is there willingness to share their knowledge and advise. I mostly only have before photo's at this time but in the next year I can see it coming together. This has been way more fun than I thought it would be.


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    Claire Traverse City, Mich. February 14, 2014 at 13:28
    Thanks for sharing, Jerry! Glad you were able to track down the car you love!
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    Brian Yockney Zimbabwe, Africa August 27, 2015 at 05:08
    Keep up the good work! I've been working on my '56 Cadillac and still have the paintwork to deal with. I also have a '56 Mk1 Jaguar and her big sister, a '60 Mk9 Jag. The biggest problem with them is constant lack of funds! But like you, I have a kinda relationship with them all having owned them for many,ll the best to you and your Comet!

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