barry w 1999 Cadillac DeVille 4dr Sedan

I'll never forget that Caddy gurgle

It was 1966, I was a High School freshman and unfortunately I had a daily 3 mile walk to school. It was a miserable walk in the winter, except for a 1956 coupe deville that would leave it's residence at the same time each morning and pass me by on my walk to school. Unlike some kids who were able to get a car in High School, I knew that was not a possibility, so this gorgeous emerald green Cadillac was my automotive fantasy. I would hear it approaching from behind as it had a distinctive low soft gurgle to the exhaust and the owner always drove it slow. The car seemed to sit lower than most 56 Cadillacs, and I can still see the white exhaust tumbling out the bumper exhaust ports on those cold winter days. This car always had a deep clean shine to the emerald paint, even in winter. After a couple years the owners moved and I never saw the car again, or any emerald green 56 Cadillac. To this day it is still my dream car even though I have settled for a emerald green 99 deville to polish and spoil among many others. I tell myself that sometimes it is better to keep the dream alive rather than to reach it and realize the dream was better than the reality.

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