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I want my Bonneville back!

My first old car was 11 years old when I found it on a used Cadillac car lot. It was a triple navy blue Pontiac Bonneville coupe with the 389, and it was like new. The car came with its original protecto plate manual so I knew it originated in St. Paul Mn., but never knew how it arrived on a car lot in Northern Illinois. I cherished this car, stored it in winter and babied it in summer. After another 11 years I had the engine rebuilt and the rust free body repainted. Dual exhaust was added and the car was awed wherever it went. A few years later I moved to Wisconsin, as did the Bonneville. More cars were added, life got very busy and the Bonneville went into storage for 20 years. Retirement was upon me and I moved south to Texas taking 7 vehicles but making the decision to sell the Pontiac to a local collector.I cried as the car left my yard. Boy do I regret selling her. Five years later while surfing old car dealers, there was my Bonneville, no mistaking it. I could even see the residue from where I had placed a bumper sticker 25 years earlier! I immediately phoned the dealer only to find they had sold the car the week before and just shipped it out. I was devastated, but asked what state it went to. The car was not only sold to a San Angelo Texas buyer, but only 3 hours away from where I now live. I search every week for my Pontiac, and hopefully some day will find her and be able to get her back. She will always have a garage space waiting.....

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