Bruce H 1991 Jaguar XJ-S Classic Collection 2dr Convertible

How a Jaguar educated me.

It was 1979. We were living in Brazil, Rio to be exact. I had just tuned 18, and was on a mission to get my father to buy me a car. Every Saturday for some months, I sat with him as he read the paper. I would read the classifieds, and show him every car that I thought was cheap enough for a young fellow starting out in life.

He was patient, but finally, one day he had had enough. He slowly folded the paper and leaned over to me. He said,"Son, I will never, ever buy you a car. I WILL buy you an education. With that, you can buy a Volkswagen or a Jaguar. That will be up to you, and how you use that education." He leaned back, unfolded his paper and kept reading.

I never forgot that day, nor did I ever ask him to buy me a car again. Last year, I donated my white Jaguar XJS Classic Collection to the fledgling British Transportation Museum in Dayton, Ohio, in his memory. I could think of no more fitting act, given his love for Britain, and his inspiring appreciation of the value of an education.

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