Darlin B 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 4dr Sedan

Hitting the road in our 55

It seems like I have been looking for my dream car forever, and every time a classic car would drive down the road or pass us on the street I could feel my heart skip a beat. I have wanted a Belair for as long as my memory goes back. My dream car was a 1957 Chevrolet Belair. We have seen a couple over the past 10 years and they just weren't the right . I didn't want to settle for one,it had to be the right one.

One day I was out for lunch and a few of my friends were discussing what their dream car was and I said "a Belair" . Right away one of them told me there was a 1955 Belair for sale in Oshawa, Ontario. I left immediately and pulled up behind her in the driveway. I talked to the owner and we took it for a ride the next day. The following day he drove it over and parked it in my driveway,and handed me the keys. I couldn't sleep that night because I thought maybe I was dreaming. The next day she was still in the garage, and has been there for the past 4 years. It still feels like yesterday.

She is a 4 door sedan, sea mist green in color. She was built in Kansas City, spent over 25 years in Texas and was partially restored in Virginia and then came to Ontario with the cars owner when he retired. We repaired a broken window, the headliner and put in a radio. We all need our rock and roll while we are cruising. I originally wanted a 1957, but this 1955 Chevrolet Belair was made just for me.

We take a drive whenever we can and the weather permits.

We know how lucky we are to own her but last summer she won a trophy at Autofest and that was so amazing.

While we are out, we see people on the road that stop and give us a thumbs up. We have heard so many people and their stories about their dad's, brothers or grandfathers car and their memories. We feel so privileged to hear their stories. I have a drive in speaker in the back seat and a fast food tray on my window. We have heard so many parents reminisce about the evenings as teenagers and the waitresses rolling over to the window with hamburgers and shakes.

The best moment was on the way home one night, I stopped at the grocery store and while driving into the parking lot I drove by a mom and her young son. After I went into the store, I saw the boy and his mom and said hi.

I talked to them for a few minutes and then I asked him what kind of car he wants when he grows up. He looked at me and said "Yours" This summed up in one word how I feel about my car.

This winter has been so long and I am just looking forward to the first warm day, then my beautiful Belair and I can get back out one the road

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