Roy R 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Her Classic "Vette"

It was 1956 and I was a senior in high school when a buddy of mine said to stop by his house after school to see his brother's new Corvette. That green and beige ‘56 Corvette set the pattern for the rest of my life. Back then you could get away with many things that are not allowed today. The three of us spent many nights cruising the drive-ins and going to dances. I built a pad to cover the center drive shaft hump and was able to be quite comfortable in the middle if the top was down. We all bought white coveralls and cloth white hats, and made quite a production of removing our “driving clothes” and stacking them on the back deck. Then we were ready for any kind of teenage action.

We had so much fun with that Corvette, I bought my own ’56 Corvette in 1959. Since then, there has been a whole series of Corvettes in our garage. About that time they were stealing Corvettes in thecity and taking the motors, transmissions and etc. My cousin and I would buy them from the wrecking yard and pick up parts here and there, put them together, drive them for a while and then sell them and do it again. Back then, a good ‘56 or ‘58 Corvette could be sold for $900 to $1100. Yes, I know, we should have kept them all, but who knew.

After I got married, my wife would work with us cleaning parts and working on interiors. She caught the bug and has been very involved over the years. Our current 1967 Corvette has been in the family since 1972. My wife found it in the newspaper under Vette listed with all the Volkswagens. We purchased it for $1950 and it carries a personalized license plate with her name. Over the years this car has provided many a fun day. It has won trophies at rallies, Concours d' Elegance events and autocrosses with her in the driver’s seat. Other Corvettes have come and gone, but this Corvette will stay in the family for a long time. It is the definition of a CLASSIC that still draws a crowd wherever we go.

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