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Hail to the Chieftain!

Oct. 1998: I first saw this beautiful white 1957 Pontiac Chieftain in my parents' neighborhood parked in front of a private residence with a For Sale sign on the rear windshield. At first, I thought it would have been out of my economic range, considering the quality of the car. Then when I saw only $6,000, I had to call it in. I ended up lowering the price down to $5,500, and in those days, qualified for a car loan. In those days, a car loan also included classic cars as well, which is how I bought it.

In all the excitement, I joined POCI, the world's largest classic Pontiac Car Club. One year later, it had an engine fire, and throughout the time it took to restore it, I was getting ripped off by the mechanic who was supposed to be restoring it. He'd had it for about a year, and minimal work was done to it. Finally, I took him to small claims court, won, and with the money I got back, furthered the restoration process (and adding some of my own money in addition, of course). Now when you see it, you'd never know what it had happened.

I've since owned it for 15 years now, and for being the beautiful car that it is, not to mention I've been to hell and back with it, I don't imagine I'll ever sell it. I even drove it for my wedding in 2009 versus riding in a limo.

I've also become such a classic Pontiac fan (1950s era), that in 2011, I broke down and bought another classic Pontiac--this time a 1952, which I also still have.

I now have two small, beautiful children--one of each--who are also learning to appreciate the "old cars." Especially the boy who can't even talk yet, but still goes crazy whenever seeing a classic car in person, on TV, calendars, etc. Plus, he always wants me to take him to our garage where both cars are stored side by side. Both kids also rejoice whenever riding around in the backseat of the our '52, where they find it extremely cozy.

In conclusion, I plan to keep both cars for as long as I possibly can to leave one for each child when they're old enough to have fun driving them on their own.

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    Leland Turner Round Rock, TX February 14, 2014 at 18:13
    It is great to see the 57 Pontiac -- I was beginning to think I was the only one that appreciated these great cars. I bought my first car at the age of 14.5 -- a 57 Super Chief two door hard top with a 347 four barrel and dual exhaust. It was black and white and could blow the doors off of the 57 Chevy 283's. Drag racing eventually took it's toll on the 347 so soon I had it fitted with a 389 with 421 cam and an AFB four barrel carb - electronic fuel pump, 370 rear end and exhaust dumps. A 14 second quarter mile was common. I worked at my uncles service station/auto supply which helped with the costs and I also worked at an upholstery shop where I was able to design my own roll& pleat naugh. interior. Eventually had to change out the 4 speed hydro for a close ratio Corvette tranny but I never got the clutch to work properly. In 1966 I had to sell the 57 to help pay for college. I would love to find one to have in my retirement years. Enjoyed see yours.

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