Hal E 1968 Red Mustang convertible

Grandson will be happy

I bought this (what is now a beautiful 1968 Mustang) in 1974 and became the second owner. My wife and I enjoy driving it around town and sometimes to the beach with the top down. I get lots of comments and offers to buy. My friends and I go to local drives and enjoy seeing other classics. The best thing about classic cars is that they are very recognizable and you do not have to guess what car it is. Most car today look

like each other.

I have enjoyed the work that I have done on this car. I got a lot of good advise from several mustang shops around the country, especially

Chocstang. Without their advise I may never have gotten my power steering installed.

Now the good part, I have a 3 year old Grandson who will get this car on his first day of collage. The car will be 65 at that time.

I take him for rides and he loves it. He love to pretend to drive parked in the driveway or garage. I can't wait to see his reaction

15 years from now.

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