Timothy W

Grampa's Car

In 1963 I had gotten my drivers permit. I was soon to be 16. I used to drive my Grandpa all over the Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor area. Grandpa had a beautiful 56 Chrysler Windsor. Red and white exterior. I loved that car. One afternoon I had gone home from my grand parents house. It was about a mile away. I had not been home long when my Grandmother called and told me to get there as fast as possible. I ran all the way. Upon getting there Grandma asked me to get the car out of the garage.

After getting it out I went into the house. Grandpa was sitting in his chair bent over. I helped get him in the car and drove him to the Hospital. The next morning he passed away from a Heart Attack.

My grandmother never drove so she had my mother dispose of his things. One of them being that Chrysler. I told her I wanted it. Her answer to that was I was to young for a car. She advertised it and it was soon gone. She got $300 for it.

I have always thought if I found another one I would get it. I never have.

I have a 68 Valiant my daughter-in-law gave me for Christmas 13 years ago. 68 Roadrunner,2 89 TC Maserati's, 73 Dodge Power Wagon ,39 Dodge Business coupe and 1 0f 5 72 Plymouth Fury's.

I also have 2 year around car and truck.

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