Roger W 1989 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT 2dr Convertible

God spoke to me about this car

While attending the Atlantic City classic car show/auction I was lamenting with another old gray hair guy like myself about how we had all these cool cars when we were younger, and how I would love to have one again but I am not about to spend upwards of $60,000 on the cars these days. He mentioned that I should look for with a lot of horsepower cheap. He said you can still find that in something like a 85-93 Mustang. When I got home I mentioned that I would like to restore a car with my third son who was a junior in high school. She said to go for it. I told my son my idea but mentioned that I really would like a

'89 Mustang Gt, 5 speed convertible, triple white and it might take a while to locate one. The very next day I got out of the gym and stopped at a local coffee shop that I never go to and bought the paper which again I never do. Well, as it happened there in the classified ad was the exact car I wanted. I called the owner and raced up about 50 miles to look at it. Turns out it was mechanically sound but was beat up outside and inside. The phone was ringing off the hook while I was speaking with the young owner. I took it out for a test drive, and came back. Immediately another two guys jumped in it and took it for a spin. I figure I hade about 5 minutes to negotiate a deal. I did and when the other guys came back I asked them to get out of my car.! Anyway after that I towed it to the interior guy, then the body shop, then the mechanic etc etc etc to get it done.

My wife exclaimed "I thought you were going to restore it with our son? All you keep doing is towing it around and writing checks

The car was totally done over by April and I let my son drive it to school for his remaining year.

After that time it was mine! Now it comes out during the nice weather here at the Jersey Shore and gets older each year.

Runs and looks great. Maybe its not a 60's car but its still fun to drive and nowhere near the $60k price tag the older ones have

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    Greg McClain Arizona February 14, 2014 at 17:15
    Born in '47 my drivers license arrived with the 1964 model year (late month birthday). As a kid in high school I could only drool over Mustangs, GTOs, T-Birds etc but the King of muscle was the Corvette. Often not even listed as a muscle car because it was not a midsize heavyweight with a big engine but a lightweight sports car with a big engine. College, marriage, a family put any hopes of the ultimate Drive In cruiser to sleep for a long while. Fast forward to July 1999 with Kids graduated career established and midlife anxiety pushing hard. Enter the heart pounding accidental encounter with a 1964 Corvette Roadster with both tops and fate hands me the ultimate muscle car of my dreams. I even got to drive top down through the Northern Aizona dessert stretch of old Route 66 with the top down just like in the scenes of the old TV Show Route 66. The fun was so intense soon my wife wanted a taste and her first car had been a 1966 Mustang. In 2003 we needed a bigger garage for the Vette and the Mustang. Arizona winter car shows are the very best (summer shows will melt your vinyl visor covers). We would pull into show lots together and immediately spark the Chevy- Ford dicussions and be sent to different sides of the show. No matter, we have a blast getting there and coming home. The biggest problems are how long it takes to get gas. The questions at the pumps are endless and there is always a crowd. All the joy we thought they would be in our teens and less likelyhood we will end up accordianed between a pole and a semi. Rock on big Iron.

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