Steve W

From wreckin' em to lovin' em !!

I competed in demolition derbies for 20 years. I really enjoyed the sport, and I got quite good at it. My car of choice was the 1975 - 1976 full size Chevrolets. Reliable engine (350/400 small block), reliable transmission (TH 350/400), massive steel bumpers, and a full frame. I wrecked more than (50) Impala's and Caprices.

Toward the end of my "career" in the mid 90's, I purchased a 1976 Caprice Classic sport sedan with full intentions of stripping it down and smashing it in the next demolition derby. When my wife rode in the car, she told me "this car is just too nice to smash". So, with my wife's approval (very important), I kept the car, and had a large garage built to house this car.

A year or 2 later, I was surfing ebay, and found a 1976 Caprice Estate wagon. I had to have it !!! I bought it, flew to Winnipeg, and drove her home. There was plenty of room in the new garage, so she was parked next to the 4-door.

Less than a month later, one of my derby buddies called me to tell me about a nice 2 door coupe for sale in Grand Rapids. Again, I had to have it !!! . Now, all three Caprice Classics are parked in the garage along with much related automobilia. Now, the garage is full, and I've pretty much used up my wife's approval.

We both enjoy cruising in these cars. We love the cars, and the looks we get while driving.

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