A Dennis W 1952 Ford Customline 2dr Club Coupe

From !956 to 2013

in 1956 was out looking for a 46 to 48 ford coupe found one told dad he said that a hotrod you dont need it.. so he found a 1950 plymouth 4 door businessmans sedan said this is it....was a good running car.but soon as i saved enough money found a 1952 ford conv wire spoke wheels dual glasspacks built in continental kit light green really cared for that car... got married moved on to station wagons but never forgot the 52 and thought someday... had a pict of the 52 and many years later showed a buddy and he said ive seen that car..... after an extensive search never located it...just be fore christmas 2013 found a 52 ford conv apart ready to put back togeather told the man ill take it the day i was supposed to pay for it called him and he said gonna keep it;'' what a letdown......found a rat 52 and started working it. but then i saw a 52 tudor light blue completely restored some years back... so now ive ended up with 2 of em.....missed a conv but got my 52 and happy.. one way or another dreams do come true...

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