Richard H 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Forty years and still going strong

Back in 1974, my brother-in-law gave me this 1965 Mustang. The two barrel 289 V8 wasn't running all that well, and the automatic transmission had started to slip. I rebuilt the engine, adding high performance parts, including solid lifters, a high lift cam, headers, 4 barrel carburetor, etc, etc. I also changed it to a Ford top loader 4 speed transmission. I raced the car for the next two years at my local track in Englishtown, NJ, and won a few trophies with it.

Well, the kids started coming along, and the racing went on the back burner. I kept the car as my daily driver, and fixed things as they needed to be fixed. I always held on to the dream that I may get back to the track, but that never happened.

Since I have owned it, the car has gone through two "restorations", which is my way of saying I spruced it up with fresh paint and interior components. It stopped being my daily driver in 1985, but I kept it to have fun with on the weekends.

Now, 40 years later, I still own the car. This winter I am treating it to a total front suspension rebuild, and total brake restoration. The car is certainly no show winner, but we sure have a lot of fun taking it out for rides during the warmer weather.

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    Ed CT February 14, 2014 at 20:39
    I had a 66 Mustang fastback and a 70 Mach I, I wish I kept the 66. It was only a 289 2bbl and 3sp transmission. But, even though it wasn't a screamer like the Mach I, the 65s and 66s fastbacks were, in my opinion, the best looking of all the mustang fastbacks. Later on they looked like they were on steroids and too bulked up.

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