Doug H 1967 Porsche 911 2dr Coupe

First love returns

As a high school student in the late 60's-early 70's I was in love with Porsche 911's. I lived to someday own one. Well in 1971, year of my graduation, I scraped together enough money to buy a 1967 911. The previous owner was a returning from Viet Nam and wanted to sell it. It was love at first sight! I owned that car for several years and had a great time driving it like it was intended to be driven. In my early 20's I got married and had our first child. I then decided that I had to have a more practical as changing diapers in the back seat was not a lot of fun. So I sold my first love, replacing is with the love of family. It went to a casual friend, who went on to buy an RS and sold my car to another friend. Over the years we lost touch, then roughly 15 years later he calls and asks if I want to buy it back. OF COURSE I DID! Deal done. Well, in the time since I owned it the front pan and rusted so badly that the suspension was about to fall off, it had been left outside in the rain with the windows down at time. So, yea, it needed a lot of work. Over the next 5 years I slowly went through the car and brought it back to life, bare metal paint job, new rubber and rebuilt the 2.0 motor, bringing it up to 2.2 in the process. Not a perfect restoration by any means, as most the work was done by myself, but as a driver. It still runs like a champ, loving the sound of the air cooled, engine. I have had it ever since, enjoying occasional drives in the countryside. First love has returned, of course in it's proper place amongst my other loves!

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    Claire Traverse City February 14, 2014 at 10:46
    What a beauty! You never forget your first love.

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