Maryann W 1968 VW Karmann Ghia T34

Finding Karma

Three years ago, I had never heard of a 1968 VW Ghia T34. One of our previous clients in Illinois found the Ghia for us and called my husband to ask if he was going to drive it from Illinois to Arizona. I asked my husband about this and all I got was a big grin. He bought the car from a gentleman in Iowa who went to the Germany factory and ordered it in 1967. He kept it until 3 years ago when he became ill and my husband purchased it for me. From the moment it came off the transporter I was hooked. Karma is all original. The only thing we had to do is a good waxing, clean the inside out and put a new battery in it. Since I have had my dream car, I have been very proud to win alot of trophies. My greatest achievement was when I won 1st place at Bugorama (All Volkswagen show) and for Most Original Car. We love takingKarma to shows as there are not very many around and people are amazed at what it looks like (although some say its a Corvair). I do correct them. This car was never imported to the states. Just recently, I was offered 4x what I paid for it, but I declined as I told the gentleman that I still really love my car and love to drive it. I want to thank my husband for getting this car for me. I have learned alot of how to take care of older vehicles. Last month, we had to finally change the master cylinder after 45 years. What is up with that!!! thank you for letting me share my story

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