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Father helps keep first love!

Nothing beats the excitement of driving your first car! My father helped me finance my first car. The story actually starts before I was old enough to drive. I can remember seeing my first Cobra II Mustang at our country fair up on a rack where you could walk under it and around it. Love at first site! I told my father this is the car I want when I’m old enough to drive. He says, “yeah right, when we are rich!” Now fast forward six years and it is the fall of 1983. My father asks, “What car would you like?” I wanted a Camaro, Nova or a Mustang. Between my life savings and what my father was willing to contribute we started our search. We found a 65 Mustang convertible powder blue with white top and white interior. Some older lady owned it and had set in her garage since her husband’s passing. My father and I were able to get it running. We drove it around the block, made an offer and she agreed to it. I was so excited! I went home and called all my friends bragging about the car I was going to get. The following Saturday we go to make our payment and pick it up. This car was located in Columbus IN. To our tragic surprise, we found out the owner took it for a last drive and she ran a 4-way stop. The car was broad sided and beyond any kind of condition we wanted to take on. In tears we continued our search. We stumbled across my 1977 Cobra II Mustang with a for sale sign, parked in front of a house in Columbus IN that same day. The owner wanted more than I could afford. After a lot of begging, she could see how much I wanted the car… She says, “I have to trade it tomorrow because my new car is in at the dealership. I let you have it for my trade it value.” (which was the exact maximum that I could pay). After an emotional day, not only did I end up with a very cool car but it was also my childhood dream car. After graduating college I was ready to trade my tired old car for a new Fox body Mustang. My father found out and suggested that I give him the car for my college debt that I owned him. I agreed. About six months later the newness of the Fox had worn off and my father had rebuilt the engine with more “go fast” and chrome side pipes. I was once again in love with this car. A couple years later I negotiated trading my dad a 1990 Miata for the 77. I was once again united with my first car. My dad knew all along that I would want it back as he always regretted getting rid of his first car. I started a ten year treasure hunt and three full years restoring this car to its glory. I have also tracked down all of the car’s papers and build numbers. It turns out that only 205 red/white Cobra II’s were built and mine is the most highly optioned car. I was just recently offered $60K for the car. People ask if I’m nuts for not selling it. People don’t realize how hard these cars have become to find. They also don’t realize what a full scale restoration costs. While I had to stop and think about the offer, I realized that I just couldn’t do it. It would be like selling one of my kids. While I have owned a lot of Mustangs, this one brings me the most enjoyment. You just never see them at any show you go to (at least not in the condition that mine is in). Here’s a toast to all those who still have their first car and a big thank you to my father who made it possible!

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