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Father and son


My wife actually bought me this truck for a Father’s day gift in 2009. It looked like she found it at the bottom of a swamp somewhere. My middle son Ben immediately fell in love with the truck and as money allowed we 80% restored it in our back yard into to drivable condition in about a year. He drove it to high school for several months before leaving for the Army. He was seriously wounded in Afghanistan in April of 2012 and he and I spent 10 months in hospitals in Maryland and Virginia recuperating. The Army said he would never get to see action again but instead of taking the easy way out and accepting a medical release, he worked out in the local gyms night and day. He is what they call a 1 percenter 1% someone that beats the odds and passes the army med boards to be approved to active duty. He came home for a couple of weeks during Christmas to tell us he was redeploying in January. We fired up the 66 and took a father and son drive around the neighborhoods where we live. The truck still needs some interior work and some body work but she still turns heads as we blow the Ahh-OOGA-horn we installed. We vowed to finish the truck when he returns in 2015. I enjoyed the bonding we did during this project including some of the in-process photos like seeing him under the hood of a rust bucket pulling the plugs to pour in some “Marvin’s Mystery Oil” into the cylinders to see if we could get the engine to turn over, mixing the paint in a margarine container and the one where he drove it in a Mardi Gras parade while his brother sat in the bed and threw beads to all the pretty girls along the route. I am looking forward to working on this truck again when he returns. We named the truck “Shelbe” she’s rough but still turns heads.

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