Terry T 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 2dr Hardtop Sport Coupe

Fast Fairlanes in 1964, I woke up to it every morning!!

Just entering my teen years in 1964 I was fascinated with fast cars and the beginning of the muscle car era. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit made it even more exciting. My neighbor had purchased North Brothers Ford's 1964 D/S Ford Fairlane "White Lightning" powered by the 289 high performance engine. The Fairlane had set the national record for the 1/8 mile and was now in the hands of a 17 year old. A driveway was the only thing that separated our homes. Every morning, that Fairlane fired up with a loud rumble that just bled horsepower. They had a long driveway and it was the perfect venue for a full 1st gear burnout every morning. That Fairlane was the scourge of Garden City as he raced just about everything and everyone who rolled up next to him. It got so bad that the Garden City Police had contacted North Brother's Ford to report that their dealer sponsored Fairlane was tearing up the streets. North Brother's ultimately contacted my neighbor and offered a free repaint of the car in his choice of color. He opted for Thunderbird blue. That changed the color of the car, covered all the lettering, but did not change any attitudes. That Fairlane continued to run hard until it was traded in at Bob Ford for a new Mustang.

That memory and love of 64 Fairlanes led to my search many years later for a K coded 289 high performance Fairlane. I found a rust free car in Durango Colorado in 1985. It was a 5 year restoration process finding all the right date coded parts. It finally all came together in 1990. I still own that Fairlane and enjoy warm summer cruises and a occasional car show.

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