brad h


The quaint harmony of sparrows singing through the crisp morning air is immediately silenced by the whine of the AC Delco starter as it awakens the 46 year old Bird from her winter slumber. Ignition is followed by the unmistakable growl emanating from the 400 engine’s chrome exhaust tips. With a blip of the pedal, the dual scooped hood twists, the exhaust turns angry, and the bucket seats rumble to the tune of 330 horsepower. The sounds and sensations are melodic. The heart skips a beat as driver falls into a trance-like, euphoric state waiting for the Bird to warm to the task. After a few brief minutes, the left foot slowly releases the clutch while the right foot makes a bee line from brake to gas. The glimmering autumn bronze paint welcomes the sun's rays as she slowly lurches forward, ready for her maiden flight of the season. Thoughts of the cold winter and long nights with wrench in hand quickly disappear with 68 Firebird's first chirp of rubber from first to second gear. At long last arrived, Spring has arrived.

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