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Dream Realized after 18 years

I was born and raised around muscle cars and always had a fascination with them. My father had owned at various times, a 1964 Impala, a 1972 Camaro (blown with slicks), and a 1977 Camaro Z28 (twin turbos) which had been featured in Hot Rod Magazine. As such, I always had an eye for the muscle cars, and one day, while driving in the summer, when I was 12 years old, I saw a 1970 Chevelle SS, hugger orange with white stripes. After asking my dad what it was, I vowed that one day I would own one.

I spent years learning as much as I could about Chevelles, and specifically fell in love with the baddest of them all...the 1970 454 LS6 hardtop. Fathom Blue was the color I would've ordered with the white stripes, and 4 speed manual, had I been alive then.

When I turned 16 (1998) I thought it was time to get one, but alas, they were out of my price range and I couldn't find any good ones around where I lived. I wound up settling on a 1969 Impala custom coupe, with a 350 and a powerglide. I loved that car and had it all through high school and college, finally selling it after college as it wouldn't make a great commuter to my new job. I learned as much as I could on that car and at various times swapped the trans, rebuilt the front end suspension, differential, put headers and exhaust on it, sanded the body and had it repainted, among various other maintenance tasks.

Fast forward to last year, I had just returned home from spending 3 years overseas with my company. The whole time over there I would constantly browse online to find chevelles, and was always tracking their prices while on the lookout for a good one. Then about 3 months after being back home, I found one, posted that day online, about an hour was a 1970 Chevelle SS 454, 4 speed manual, fathom blue, had just been restored (not original engine though, which is OK, as I wasn't quite in the market for the untouched LS6's that go over 6 figures). It was about 20% more than I had been budgeting, but when I asked my fiance if I should do it, she replied "you haven't shut up about that car since I've met you, if you don't do it, I'll be mad at you"...and the decision was made. I went up and looked that day, made the arrangements, and brought it home the next week, drove it all last summer, and I'm itching for this snow to go away so I can get back in it.

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