Tom S 1969 Buick Wildcat Custom 2dr Convertible

Cruising Front Street on a Friday night.

In the 1960s Traverse City was a busy little town ,with a lot of Soup up cars, GM ,Ford,Mopar cars cruising up and down Front Street with loud exhaust,radio's turned to WLS Chicago AM station listening to the Wolf man,having a great time. I'm one of those teenagers driving my 1967 Candy Apple Red 2 door hardtop Buick Wildcat,I drove the wheels of this car for 8 years and 3 paint jobs. Back then there wasn't clear coat paint jobs ,it was either Lacquer or enamel paint and GM used Lacquer and it faded in the sun,so you polish and polish until you took the paint right down to the primer.So that's why 3 paint jobs. Well 1996 I decided it was time for my second Wildcat,but this time I really got lucky,I found this little gem in down town Cedar,Michigan a 1969 Candy Apple Red 1969 Buick Wildcat Convertible,430 V8, 360hp and it was For Sale. My Wife,Sue and I purchase it and I've been driving it down Front Street every summer since. So when you see a balded man with a smile either on Front Street or Don's Drive In,just wave and give a thumbs up because I'm a very happy 60+ teenager again. Oh by the way I've been with Hagerty's since my purchase and your company is the BEST...

Happy Motoring, Tom S

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