Don H 1963 Mercury Monterey Custom 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Childhood dreams do come true

Way back in 1963 I was a second grader at Windsor Park Elementary School in Charlotte North Carolina. School was over for the day and I was walking home. As I exited the school I saw a brand new black and white automobile pull up to the front of the school. I had never seen anything like it. This car was long and sleek, and had the most unusual roof line I had ever seen. The rear window slanted in not out. This car was cool. As I stood there watching a little girl ran to the car and jumped in the back. I just stood there and watched as the car pulled away. I knew then and there someday I had to have one. For the rest of that school year I made a point when school was out to look for this cool car picking up the little girl. Thirty years later I am in Winston-Salam, North Carolina visiting my grandmother. As I drove through town I passed the local Lincoln Mercury dealership. As I drove by I noticed a 1963 Mercury Monterey Custom like the one from elementary school sitting at the back of the used car lot. I was ahead of schedule so I thought I would stop to check it out. As I started looking at the car a salesman came over and started talking to me. I ask him if he knew anything about the car. He said it belonged to an old customer and the sale manager was selling it just as a favor. He said the old gentlemen had put it in a ditch and his family had taken his drivers license. He told me He would call him and let me talk to him if I was interested. So we went into the office and called the owner. In my conversation with the owner I learned this was a one owner car. It was ordered with the 390 4v with dual exhausts automatic transmission, power steering and brakes and that amazing Breezeway rear window. I came to an agreement and bought the car that day. I am in the final stages of finishing a full restoration. This is one sweet ride.

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